Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Swee'pea's South African Adventure

I think it was the Oh The Joys who suggested we try some magical thing called Chockits while in South Africa, and boy did I. We brought back three boxes (and I felt scared handing our form declaring absolutely nothing to the customs officer wearing blue rubber gloves -- why?!? -- but it wasn't like it was meat or produce or something like that), but even though the box proclaims, "18% Free," it's not nearly enough. We are nearing the bottom of the second box and we've only been home just over 48 hours. This is a bit disturbing, but they are REALLY good! Why oh why don't they sell them in Canada???

Anyhow, I've started sorting through the 1350 photos I was able to recover from various cds and memory cards, and I'm a bit unsure how to proceed. Do I make new posts for some of my favourites or do I republish old posts and add in relevant photos? Or do I just tell you to go to my flickr page? Suggestions? Anyone?

In the meantime, I think I will dip my toe into the ocean with photos of Swee'pea: his birthday and various encounters with sun, sand, air and water.

fun in the sun

In the pool at Grandpa Cape Town's

Swee'pea at Kirstenbosch I

Checking out the flowers at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Swee'pea at Kirstenbosch II

After getting grumpy in the stroller, we put him in the sling. I was totally terrified that the sunscreen wouldn't actually work, but it did. I am proud to say that he may have been eaten alive by mosquitoes but he didn't get burnt at all.

district six museum

Checking out the mural at the District Six Museum. Sadly, I can't remember what it was about, but it was really nice.

Mum and Sleeping Babe

Aha! A picture of myself that I actually like. You can see some of the mozzie bites on his arms and face.

rainbow bouldersbeach 100

After the swim at Boulders Beach (pictures below), it started to rain and we saw the most perfect rainbow I think I've ever seen.

gladstone ezra Township 089

With Gladstone, the guide who took us on the township tour, in the common area of the hostel with six bedrooms housing 54 (!) people. One family per single bed.

first birthday cake

His birthday cake, complete with single candle and thai carrot garnishes.

birthday with great dane

After the cake explosion around Swee'pea's head, Stepsister's dog moved in for the cleanup.

hola fishies!

Hola Fishies! (At the Cape Town Aquarium) Right after a woman came up and put some ointment on his mozzie bites.

feeling the seaweed

Feeling the seaweed at the touch exhibition

noticing the ocean

After he studied the sand with his back to the ocean, he turned and discovered the ocean. He started crawling towards it, a gleeful grin on his face...


Until a wave surprised him and he started to cry.

swimming bouldersbeach 056

He got over the surprise and enjoyed a swim around the sheltered bay. He discovered that he loves the taste of salt water and kept trying to drink it.


Mad Hatter said...

Beautiful, ohhhhh so beautiful. The scenery, the set-ups but mostly the three of you looking so happy and glorious.

My suggestion for the photos: create a few grouped folders on flickr and then create a post that directs us to them. That way we can comment on individual photos over there. Although, I will say this now: I may look at 1,300 photos but I sure as heck can't comment on that many. You are a crazy, wild woman with that camera.

Oh, The Joys said...

The photos! I've been waiting on the photos.

... and you dint bring me no Chockits? Girl........

nomotherearth said...

Lovely photos. Now I want to go on vacation...

Beck said...

What gorgeous posts! I see we both have bearded husbands. And how wonderful to finally see you! You look beautiful!

Beck said...

PICTURES. Gorgeous PICTURES. I am dumb.

NotSoSage said...

Fabulous. All.

I like Mad's idea for the shots. 1350 photos!!! Yikes, I'm a bit intimidated, but let's face it, I'll probably look at all of them, drooling (the scenery, of course).

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh don't worry, I won't actually post 1300 photos... I shoot a bit compulsively, just in case there's a bit of camera shake, or I adjust the composition by a hair, or any other minor detail I miss. I have like 30 photos of the sunset from the plane there... I posted 3. Something like 100 of Swee'pea on the beach. Plus I won't bother with a lot of them, because they don't look as good as I thought or something... so maybe like 500?

penelopeto said...

holy gorgeous - those flowers! the ocean! that baby! and you - aha! your hair is longer than i had imagined, and don't worry, your freckles hide the mosquito bites. (please tell me that those are freckles, and not millions of mosquito bites.)

Heather said...

Gorgeous photos - I'm happy to browse through whichever ones you feel like posting however you put them up. I think it'd also be a really cool idea to get a photo book made of all the pictures from the trip. Costco makes them, as does black's and a bunch of other places, and they're super cool.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

You went on the township tour? I wanted to go on that when I was there!!! I was "advised against it" but was planning on going anyway, however it didn't happen, as an American girl was murdered right around then (do you remember the story in the news)?

Pretty pictures. The scenery there is very beautiful.

cinnamon gurl said...

Naomi, was it Amy Biehl? Apparently she was murdered in Gugulethu, I think, and there is now a memorium to her there.

As far as I know, township tours are totally safe now. Most of the operators/owners/guides live in the townships, so I expect that helps. Our guide's sister-in-law lived in the hostel we went to. I have more photos of the township tour, but I'm saving them, 'cause they're my favourites...

Aliki2006 said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm drooling over the lovely beach ones...oh how I wish I were there right now.

So nice to see you, too--like finally meeting an old friend! What a great picture...

Nancy said...

Wow, the pictures are beautiful. Looks like the scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

And it's lovely to "see" you.

Em said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the one of you and your little guy - priceless.

mamatulip said...

Oh...such beautiful pictures.

ewe are here said...

Fantastic pictures. I especially love the delighted look on Swee'pea's face when he's touching the seaweed.

I wish you luck organizing the bizillions you took!

Helen Palmer said...

Your photos are wonderful and remind me of our family holidays in Cape Town when our boys were the same age.

It's such a beautiful place to visit, our children have grown up playing on the sands, visiting the penguins at Boulder's Beach, climbing up and down Table Mountain and watching the dolphins and seals in the bay.

Happy memories.