Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Strange Encounter

This afternoon Swee'pea and I went to a holiday celebration with my coworkers at a local Mexican restaurant. I had some yummy nachos and Swee'pea got the opportunity to flirt with some beautiful women he hadn't seen in a while.

We walked home around 4:30, and the coming darkness was obvious. I realized that we have nearly reached the winter solstice, which is always a bit of a relief to me. But I have weathered the shorter days this year much better than in the past being on mat leave and all. I haven't really appreciated it properly in years, but solstices are magical days. In the summer, I remember as a kid the giddiness of playing outside on the longest day of the year, trying to persuade my parents to let me stay out until dark. In later years, my dad loved to ruin it for me, pointing out that the days are only going to get shorter now. Sometimes I feel a bit cheated, that the days are getting shorter and summer's only just begun. Still, the days until mid-August are pretty good.

In the winter, the solstice is a day of hope for me. That although winter is just beginning officially, each day is longer than the one before and brings us closer to spring.

I noticed a man approaching me, and he made eye contact. As he passed he said hello or how are you or something and I replied appropriately. I wondered if I knew him but he didn't look at all familiar. He was a good twenty feet behind me when he called, "Excuse me." I turned, figuring he was going to ask for change. But he didn't.

"Is that a boy or a girl?" (Ha ha, Swee'pea was wearing his metrosexual leopard outfit.)

I was still wary. "A boy."

He reached into his pocket. "Well, here's $30. Why don't you get him something nice for Christmas, and every time he wears it you tell him how handsome he is."

I laughed. "That's ok. You don't need to do that." He encouraged me to take it but I wasn't sure about his motives, and I think he could see that I was a bit weirded out. He said ok, put it back in his pocket and walked on.

I am still wondering about his motives.

PS I've had some interesting searches today:

snorting tylenol 3s and
how to smoke tylenol 3s (who knew? I'm such an old fogie...)

orange you glad it's christmas poem

husband likes my muffin top (Yay, husband)

muffin top photos (sorry, none here)

riding sugar daddy (sorry, not that kind of blog)

Oh yeah, and I don't have a record of it anymore but I think yesterday someone came looking for, "my sugar daddy wants me to move with him" or some such thing.


bubandpie said...

Poor guy. Maybe his parents always told him he was ugly?

Or. Maybe he just strongly disapproved of metrosexual leopard-print-clad babies. Humph.

theflyingmum said...

I think I would have responded in exactly the same way ..."uh, that's OK..." still, it is a poser, what his motives were...
Also, thanks for the sympathy for Buddy. Man, I am still having a hard time getting used to not having a dog. And yes, there are times when putting a dog down is the humane thing to do. Have a happy solstice!

nomotherearth said...

It's funny, isn't it, that we've come to such a point that we can no longer accept the kindness of strangers? I would have reacted exactly as you did, I would have been WEIRDED OUT. But on the flipside, how can anyone go about performing random acts of kindness anymore? It's kind of sad, when you think about it.

something blue said...

It's too bad that we can't accept the goodness of strangers. It's possible that he doesn't have small children to buy for or hopefully he's just so well off that he wanted to give to a stranger to make their day. Generosity is a wonderful trait.

I totally need to work it into my blog so that I get some Sugar Daddy searches!

Aliki2006 said...

Good grief, how odd. I wonder what his motives were, too--I'm glad he didn't press the issue.

NotSoSage said...

That is a strange thing...my first thought was also that he disapproved of the costume (we've had people suggest that our daughter would be more identifiable as a girl if we bought girlier clothes, but never been offered money outright).

I felt all warm and fuzzy reading about the solstice. I've spent a lot of time in my mom's hometown in Northern BC and there's a music festival that I attend there (called Midsummer) and that night, you can see the rays of light from the sun disappear on one horizon when they begin to appear on the other. It's SO cool...

ewe are here said...

I wouldn't have taken the money either; just move along, please!

'riding sugar daddy' hmmm. I so do NOT want to know. ;-)

cinnamon gurl said...

Yeah, I suspect it may have been about the leopard print. A kinder version of Uncle Buck's "Here's a quarter. Why don't you go downtown and get a rat to gnaw that thing off your face..." Someone else yesterday (a friend) said that I should be careful because he might like wearing leopard print when he's a teenager.

Mad Hatter said...

I love leopard print. It is a noble print.