Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just in time for Christmas

Yippee!! I've found my hippie daycare.

We went to her place last night. Some people have told me that I'll just know when I've found the right person, so when we stepped into her house and sat down, I waited for the feeling. It didn't come. Crap, I don't 'just know.' But as the visit went on, I felt more and more comfortable. And I remembered that people have said the same thing about their wedding dresses, their life partners, and other big decisions. And in both of those other examples it took me a long time to 'just know.' And in the end, I didn't really 'just know,' but I felt comfortable taking the risk. And in retrospect, I chose right. So it is with the daycare.

She's great. They have a picture of Jerry Garcia on their living room wall, lots of drums and guitars, and she seems totally sweet and patient. She even said, "You can do a lot with love." My only reservation is that they have a big dog, but she seems also very sweet and after a brief sniff hello she generally keeps herself to herself. We said we needed to discuss it before we made a decision, but we got in the car and discovered we didn't have much to discuss at all. She takes lots of walks with the kids, will grow a vegetable garden, and tv won't form a part of their daily routine. She's also only a 5-10 minute walk from our house, which is a total bonus.

So this morning I find myself with Swee'pea asleep in our bed, and nothing that I have to do today. What a treat. I don't even have the car so I can't do much on the should list. Sugar Daddy's passport crap is out of our hands, though his South African citizenship is still up in the air. If we don't get it in time, he'll just have to renounce his dual citizenship, which he really doesn't want to do but may prove much easier. His Canadian passport is in the works and will be ready a few days after Swee'pea's and mine.

Perhaps now I can turn my mind to the holidays. It seems that Sugar Daddy and I won't be exchanging gifts this year, because we've had so much going on these last few weeks and we're pretty strapped. We haven't even gotten anything for Swee'pea, not that I think he'll mind. But I feel like we should mark the occasion of his first Christmas outside the womb somehow. I actually haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. Luckily, that won't be an issue for my family. Except the nieces and nephew, but I think we'll just get them gift certificates. Usually we take a lot of time choosing something for each of them, but this year it would be rushed and half-assed, so I think I'd feel better about letting them each just choose their own book.

Saturday we will go to my parents' place and Swee'pea and I will stay there all week, while Sugar Daddy returns to work for the last three days of the week. I'm really looking forward to the break, and to seeing my family, and a couple of my high school friends hopefully. My birthday is also on Boxing Day and I will be 30. Yikes. I haven't really stopped to think about reaching that milestone but I think I feel pretty good about it. I've felt old for years so saying goodbye to my twenties won't be too bad. I haven't really felt twenty-ish since I was 23 or so. That's when the hangovers started catching up on me and were generally not worth the good times they were so bad. That's when I stopped being able to pull all-nighters, and when my body started making it known that I couldn't keep up the pace of the last few years.

So yeah, I think I'm ready to be 30. I'll feel more my age.

I've been wanting to post about our wedding for ages, ever since jen and Mad started all the wedding talk. And I think it kinda fits today. It was our first real joint project, and I think we did it pretty well. So... coming up next: our wedding.


Mad Hatter said...

Well, first off, happy birthday! The 30s are a great decade, positively great. I offer you a slightly premature welcome to them.

Secondly, WHHHHHAAAAAA-HOOOOOO about the day care. My heart has been in my throat for you since you started this search. The situation sounds ideal. I can just see Swee'pea toddling in the garden this summer, carrying a watering can and digging up worms.

As for Christmas, enjoy it. That's the main thing, right? Friends, family, and love. That first Christmas with babe is gift enough in and of itself. Besides, South Africa? Now there's a gift!!

Beck said...

I've loved being in my 30s. My 30th birthday was pretty angsty but it ended up being pretty much the happiest year of my life.
HURRAY! I'm so glad you've found your perfect daycare! Swee'pea will have so much fun!
Why not write Swee'pea a letter for Christmas? Write down everything about how much you love him, how much he's changed your life and how much hope you have for his future. Tuck it away. Give it to him when he's older.

Mimi said...

Ditto on the 30s-are-good thing. I'm loving my 30s. And WHOOOOOO! about the daycare. I was telling Pynchon about your woes yesterday, and got all incensed by the one chicky being snippy about your parenting skills. GRRRRR. But this place sounds great. Now have a great vacation!

bubandpie said...

Hurrah for home care! My kids will be home all next week, so when I picked them up today I dropped off a gift for their home-care provider, along with a very small Christmas bonus and it was a giant hug-fest, with everybody saying "bye bye" and "I'll miss you!" It was ridiculous. But in a good way.

nomotherearth said...

We started out with home daycare, but couldn't keep it going because she closed at 5pm, and it was too much finagling to get off work at 4pm. But we loved her, and wish he could still be there.

Happy Birthday next week!