Monday, December 11, 2006

Sex and the City Dream

Apparently lurkers cannot be coaxed out into the light. Oh well. I should have known. Not even if I say please, really nicely? How about pretty please with sugar on top? You can still delurk and totally make my day, if you want. (And yes, this means you.)

* * *

The other night I had a crazy dream. Actually, I had several crazy dreams. I meant to blog about them yesterday but I forgot when I was at the computer. My favourite of the three crazy dreams involved me somehow becoming Carrie Bradshaw, in one of the episodes when she was dating the guy from Northern Exposure... John Corbett? I really liked him in Sex and the City and NEVER understood why Carried dumped him. He was so nice. Anyways back to my dream. I became Carrie Bradshaw, but I was still partly me, and could remember what was going to happen between them, so I decided to stop screwing with his head the way the 'real' Carrie was and to just be nice to him and enjoy him being nice to me.

Next, I dreamed that I was me again, and Sugar Daddy and Swee'pea and I went to some kind of eating contest. In fact I think it was all kinds of eating contests in one place... so there were the watermelon eaters and the hot dog eaters and... I can't think of any other foods that people eat in contests... Pie! You get the idea. Funnily enough, Swee'pea waved for the first time in my dream, and he waved at an old high school friend who I fell out with in university but have since corresponded tentatively with via email but haven't really seen much in person. More funnily enough, she used to be anorexic, so I found it surprising to see her at an eating contest. She was actually competing... but in the watermelon contest. Which actually isn't that much of a surprise, really.

Then I morphed into another dream, this one more disturbing. There was some kind of threat, some kind of chaos, and a million teenaged kids milling around. I saw one insert a human steak into some fabric to make it into a shield, and I remember it smelled weird... not bad exactly because it was fresh, but weird. I was trying to protect Swee'pea, and it was really scary, and then everything and everyone blew up except for me, Swee'pea (thank goodness!) and the person with the human steak shield. So I guess it worked.

When I woke up, I chose to focus on the Sex and the City dream, and not think too much about the last one.

* * *

I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff done re: passports, trip planning AND searching for daycare. Christmas is not even taking a back seat; I left it on the curb with the garbage. Though it did occur to me that I should probably give something to Sugar Daddy, to let him know how much I appreciate him and love having him as Swee'pea's father, and how much I enjoy getting annoyed with him from time to time. Maybe he'd like a blog post for Christmas? No doubt he has his eye on some kind of computer thingie or electronic device.

PS I think Swee'pea pointed for the first time today at the doctor's waiting room, waiting to get our passports guarantored (or whatever you call it). Well I know he pointed, I just don't know if it's 'real' pointing; I don't know what his intention or communication was with the pointing. Maybe just a hey, that's funny looking (at the top of a coat rack thingie), and hey, that's neat (at the painting)? Or maybe a what the hell is that thing? Whatever, it was cool. I'll mark it in his calendar. Along with his fourth tooth poking through the gum yesterday.


Aliki2006 said...

I still remember Liam's first point--there's something about that reaching of the self out into the world...funny, though (or sad) I don't quite remember Tessa's with the same clarity...

Mad Hatter said...

Hey Sin,
I tried to delurk the lurkers on post 100 and it failed miserably. Alas. I guess some people were just born to lurk.

Mimi said...

want to sing your praises ... but typing one-handed and pumping ... read ton of your fab posts yest. and overfilled bottle and bmilk all over my desk as a result ... hooray for 199 ...

ewe are here said...

The pointing is so cute. My little one point constantly now, wanting to know what everything is called.

cinnamon gurl said...

Mad, I know, I was thinking of you while I made the request, while I hoped for a different response, and while i didn't get it.

Mimi, thanks! Sorry about the spill though. Very flattering though. ;)