Thursday, December 07, 2006

As if you didn't know enough about me me already...

Penelope's tagged me for a meme. And I'm having a really hard time coming up with things you don't already know about me. I share an awful lot on this blog. But at least I have penelope's meme for inspiration, so here goes.

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1) The last time I ate at McDonald's was Aug. 20, 1999, the night before my first date with Sugar Daddy. Some friends and I were heading to a party south of Guelph and I met them at McDonald's before leaving town. As I walked up to the door, I noticed a very old woman slowly shuffling up. As she stepped up onto the walkway, I noticed a little poop plop down onto the pavement between her legs. The smell was overpowering and made me gag. But I held the door open for her and she shuffled as fast as I imagine she could to the washroom, I was more horrified that a body could betray you like this, making your bowels run faster than your feet and legs. (I have a phobia of getting sick in public.) When I met up with my friends, already in the parking lot, they mentioned that that woman had struggled out of a car that had driven away, just leaving her, which horrified me even more. Ever since, I always get nauseous whenever I see McDonald's.

2) I got fooled the first time the Sneaky Gas People came to my door (not the company's real name but I can't remember it even though they've been to my door a thousand times in the last 3 years). Luckily I canceled it when SD clued me in, but ever since then whenever they come to the door, I say, "I know who you are... you're the Sneaky Gas People. No thanks." And I shut the door despite their virtual foot in the way. They came again just now, and nearly banged the door down. When I opened it, I whispered, "No thanks, my son's sleeping," code for "Don't bang the shit out of my door you asshole, don't you know there's a baby sleeping in here?!?"

3) I'm a civil servant when I'm not on mat leave. And I hate it when people get all uppity and say, "You know I'm paying your salary." Do they forget that we pay taxes too???

4) I have been through a fairly long strike. Strikes suck. They're divisive and nasty and nobody wins. Except that we balanced the tories' budget that year. So I guess they won. Except they didn't in the next election.

5) When I was 11, my family visited my sister in Australia and I got invited into a strip club in Kings Cross, the 'red light' district of Sydney, Australia. My brother (who was 19) and I were walking a little bit behind the rest of my family during the day, and these two tuxedoed men stood outside a door that just had stairs going up from it. They invited my brother first and when he said no thanks, one of them said, "You can bring the little lady in too." I was scandalized when my brother explained that it was a strip club, but I also felt kind of grown up to be invited.

5 Things You Probably Don't know About Swee'pea:

1) He loves plain yoghurt. I find it too sourish or something but he clearly got his tastebuds from Sugar Daddy.

2) He loves old cheddar, even the stuff that's too old for my tastebuds.

3) His right ear is bigger than his left. Always has been. When he was first born I thought it was because he pulled on it in utero but I haven't seen him pulling on it in recent months and it's still bigger.

Oh, this is even harder than it was for me, because I just wrote all about him and his little quirks.

4) This used to be his favourite position (or at least he did it A LOT):

But now it's fast becoming this:

scrunchy face

(It's just coincidence that these are the photos of each position and he's naked in both.)

5) He got his passport photo taken today and it only took two shots to get it right. Those passport folks are mighty partickaler about these photos, so it was quite a feat. We went today because it was a somewhat good hair day for me.

Now, who to tag... I won't tag Jen or Mad, because they're busy preparing for their big celebration. So I'll tag Beck and her youngest from Frog and Toad are Friends, and Marla and Josephine, if they've got a moment.


jen said...


love the pics. and the glimpses of Cin and babe.

bubandpie said...

Those Sneaky Gas People ARE sneaky! They almost got me too one time - pretending to check my bill to ensure that I was protected, blah blah blah. Fortunately I clued in time and fended them off with a crying baby.

Beck said...

Ew! Now ALL FOOD IS RUINED FOR ME! Yuck! Poor old lady.
And a tag! Well, all right. Lemme see what I can come up with.

Joy said...

ok. I need to know who the Sneaky Gas people are!

My mind is racing;-) Is it a cult? Is it simply the gas company?

Gorgeous pics, btw

Mad Hatter said...

I have never heard of sneaky gas people. I thought that's what you called coping in the theatre on a night when you've eaten beans.

Great pictures of the Pea.

cinnamon gurl said...

LOL, Mad!

The Sneaky Gas People come to you door and say they just have to check your gas bill to make sure you're getting the best rate. Then they say that you're not and would you like to sign up for the fixed rate. They don't tell you that you're actually changing your gas distributor (I think) or that the fixed rate is higher than the current variable rate.

And they're REALLY pushy. Just saying no thanks and beginning to close the door is not enough. Yesterday, the woman was like, "No thanks? No thanks to what?" I said, "You're going to tell me about gas rates and I'm not interested." "You're not interested in saving money?!?" I always have to just shut the door in their faces, which I don't really like doing.

penelopeto said...

thank you so much for shedding light on who the sneaky gas people really are. i always close the door on them pdq, but walk away wondering if the other gas company isn't just duping me as well.

great answers, but hey you owe us - we do pay your salary after all!

sunshine scribe said...

Such a great list. And those pics!!!!! love em