Friday, December 01, 2006

Photography is the new Crack

Sugar Daddy, last night: "Yeah, you may want to avoid taking pictures of crack houses when you're out walking with Swee'pea. Just a thought, ya know."

Yesterday on flickr, I saw this. And because it was in my neighbourhood, I just had to go shoot it myself. It was raining, and had been all day, so I took the car. Swee'pea started grumbling, but I had to get my shot. I wasn't sure how my new digital SLR would handle the rain, so I was hesitant to go outside shooting.

So I dipped my toe in with this.

Rear View

Then I turned my car around to go back closer to the store, and saw this. I turned the windshield wipers off because I thought the raindrops might look cool. Sitting there I was disturbed. I still don't know how to take this sign... whether it's all a joke because that part of the neighbourhood is so depressed, or whether there's a crack house nearby or what. But the "I don't care" was what really got to me somehow.

Rain like Tears

I drove the car closer, while Swee'pea got grumpier, and quickly got out and ran off a few more shots. I felt very guilty about leaving Swee'pea in the car for the minute or two I took, and for proceeding when he was slightly grumpy, but I had. to. get. my. shot.

Jimmy's Crack Corners

I scoffed when I read that a city councillor candidate said that the biggest problem facing our ward was crack houses, thinking she was just being classist. But now I wonder.

After we got home, Swee'pea immediately fell asleep and I spent his hour and a half nap reading this series from 2005 about how Guelph has a major crack problem, especially since the mafia has really slowed down. And how there are crack houses in every neighbourhood, and one was busted in a nicer neighbourhood than ours, adjacent to ours. And how deals are going on downtown all the time. And it makes me a little scared for my afternoon walks. And then I got angry that I was a little bit scared. And skeptical about the size of the problem. I'll keep walking anyhow.

The other day I noticed our neighbour's place is for sale, the one with the muffler in the driveway. And I noticed that the muffler is still there and down the side of their house are piles and piles of garbage. I think maybe I should cut that older man some slack. Because if they don't even clean it up to put their house on the market, something is a bit strange. Haven't they seen House Doctor, or Sell this House or any other of the many many shows where they pretty the house up to get a faster, more lucrative sale??? Now I'm wondering if it's a crack house. My thought processes are so embarrassing but I don't have enough shame not to put this shit up on the web.

Sorry, folks, no Flashback Friday: Feminist Edition today. I started to write a post about how my first boyfriend became my first boyfriend because I asked him out and how our relationship was challenged by my media saturation. But I discovered there are just too many gaps and cracks and holes in my memory. And unlike our living room wall after we removed the heavy textured wallpaper that everyone warned us was hiding something, I feel it would be cheating the flashback genre to fill the cracks and repair the holes with imagination. And I really wanted to blog about crack.

I'm running out of material...
anyone wanna be a guest blogger and inject some new life into this series? Any story about being or becoming a woman or feminist... pretty broad guidelines. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

And now I'm probably going to take a bit of a break from blogging. If you're looking for something more to read, take a dip into my archives... Now watch, I'll probably be back in like two hours.


adamandjeremy said...

thats the nicest crack house ive ever seen.

Beck said...

You should move to my town. It's like living in Mayberry, except with LOTS of underaged drinking.

crazymumma said...

Sadly your pictures do not want to download over at my place....I am sure they are bleak and beautiful though.

mothergoosemouse said...

No. Fucking. Way.

I'm sorry that my first comment to you is laced with profanity, but I'm just flabbergasted.

However, the sign is clever.

ewe are here said...

I think it's a spoof on a song, actually. 'Jimmy Crack Corn' is a children's song I remember from when I was little. Maybe it isn't known to much outside the U.S.

Aliki2006 said...

Ack! Don't take a break from blogging...!

It's depressing that the place where I teach is across the street from some crack houses--something so sad about pairing an institution of higher learning with drugs and the darker side.

cinnamon gurl said...

ewe: I think you must be right. Seeing the lyrics at wikipedia, I think I remember hearing it sometime, maybe in a movie, maybe real life.

aliki2006: don't worry... not a real break; just a few days or something to get over nablopomo and try to get some annoyances taken care of.

krista said...

Yeah, you can hear the Jimmy Crack Corn song at this site:


sunshine scribe said...

Fancy crack house my friend. Funny.

And I just get back and you are taking a break! What will we do. Oh what will we do? :)

penelopeto said...

fuck, you know how bad things get when the mafia slows down!!

Mad Hatter said...

Burl Ives sang it. My granny used to play it all the time. Groovy pixs, Sin.

spook said...

Hi there.

Found your site through a random google search.

If I recall correctly, someone living in the Ward got fed up with a crack house across the street/down the street from his house and painted that sign on top of the abandoned convenience store. There was a cover story about it in the Merc around Oct-Nov 06. (incidentally, i used to live a block away from that building) The guy said he wanted to make the problem more visible so ppl would do something about it.