Monday, July 28, 2008

because it's been a while since I posted gratuitous swee'pea shots

Swee'pea had a fever for the better part of this weekend, but I figured he was just teething. He had his hands in his mouth near constantly and his cheeks went red, which contributed to my diagnosis. This morning, his fever had broken so I figured he was fine, but we had a doctor's appointment already scheduled for a follow-up check-up on his ears. So I mentioned the fever and the rash even though I figured if it was anything, he was mostly over it. And it's scarlet fever. Poor kid's had a sore throat all weekend. I did ask him if he hurt anywhere, because scarlet fever flitted through my mind, but he kept saying no.

Bottom line is we had to stay home today and he's getting banana antibiotics twice a day. Apart from a misdiagnosis, this is the first time he's ever been on antibiotics. We've been so lucky to get this far.

So we had a nice day, just the two of us. He watched obscene amounts of Ni Hao Kai Lan and we baked banana bread. We hung out in the backyard and just took it easy.

Yesterday was the first weekend day in months and months that we haven't had a single thing scheduled. It was kind of a nice day for Swee'pea to be sick, a nice excuse to take it easy. We hung out in the backyard, which is something we don't do very much. Instead, we always go for walks to the park or the library but I figured those wouldn't be very good options. And since part of the reason we got a new house was for its gorgeous backyard and easy access to it, I want to get into spending time in the backyard before we move.

Anyhoo... here are some pics from yesterday afternoon. You can see the scarlet fever rash on his cheeks, especially his left one.


peas in a pod
(shelling peas for yesterday's potato salad)


slouching mom said...


lovely shots, as always.

feel better, swee'pea!

Kyla said...

He's gorgeous, scarlet fever and all.

I hope he's on the mend soon.

kgirl said...

Poor dude. The rosy cheeks looks tres adorable on him, but still, that's a pretty weak trade off. Hope he feels better soon.

Beck said...

Gorgeous photos!
Sorry about the scarlet fever - that's a nasty illness.

Hannah said...

Guess I'm dumb - or lucky - but I wouldn't know scarlet fever if I came down with a raging case of it myself... I thought it belonged to Victorian times. Good on you catching it. And I hope he feels better soon.

kittenpie said...

OH! Poor muffin. I always feel bad for pumpkinpie when she's sick and while I generally am not a coddler, for a sick babe, I totally coddle.

Elizabeth said...

yay for the gratuitous swee'pea shots! feel better little one.