Tuesday, July 15, 2008

just mommy

I had a long day at work and Swee'pea and I got home late. The last few hours of work were especially stressful and I was still keyed up. I was too tired and wired to cook and I didn't want to wait for Sugar D to cook, so I suggested dinner out. Sugar D was unsure... Swee'pea was clearly cranky and tired, not always the best combination in a restaurant.

So I asked Swee'pea, "Do you want to go our for dinner?"

He replied, "Noni dow nono djussss mommy, daddy day da mome!"

[translation: I want to go out with JUST mommy, daddy stay at HOME!"

(He tolerated Sugar D just fine -- except for insisting that "just mommy" help him wash his hands -- and we had a very nice meal out and I feel MUCH more myself now.)


Later, fresh out of the bath, Swee'pea announced he had to pee.

"Pee mommy dow!" [Pee coming out!]

Not long ago he said that and it was shockingly true. Lately, though, he says it when he WANTS pee to come out.

Tonight, I whispered to Sugar D that I don't really believe Swee'pea anymore when he says that. Except that the expression on his face looks kind of like he actually is peeing.

Then I noticed a little fountain rising out of the potty and onto the floor.

I guess now is the time to introduce the penis down rule.


Bea said...

Have I mentioned how exciting it is to be at the point in the potty-training process where I no longer have to say "Penis pointing down" more than once or twice a week?

Janet said...

Penis Down Rule feels like it should be capitalized, somehow.

Beck said...

(submarine noises)

nomotherearth said...

Ha, ha! Beck makes me laugh.

I've found that a splashguard is particularly helpful. The Boy doesn't want to pee without one.

Denguy said...

Yup, I remember telling Boyo to point it down. Good times.