Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ack! My other blog seems to have stirred up some controversy and now all kinds of Art Bloggers are weighing in. I feel WAY out of my depth, because all these folks are, like, you know, Artists. Who know about Art.


Beck said...

I feel guilty that I didn't really know you had another blog.
My husband is an artist. He doesn't rant on people's blogs....
off to check yours out!

Karen said...

You know what, I went over and read it & I think I know why you might be feeling out of your depth, but you don't sound it at all in your posts or comments - you sound poised, sensitive and smart.

nomotherearth said...

I've always thought that good art should do one of three things:

a) please the eye
b) soothe the soul
c) create controversy / discussion

I say keep it up!

Aliki2006 said...

Hey! How did I not know you had another blog?

I am astounded by your photography, my friend--it really takes my breath away.

Mad said...

When they talk about kinds of images being cliché, my mind wants to continue that thought: cliché to whom. Who is the implied viewer in the argument. If it is other artists versed in the trends of contemporary art, then, well ya, I guess such images could easily become cliché and lose their impact in the same way that a novelist might kick at the limits of form and say "BAH, enough post-modern clap-trap."

If, on the other hand, the viewer is a larger and more diverse audience, then I think the claim of "cliché" simply doesn't hold up. Art that looks for a social or even socialist response tends to be less caught up in notions of trendiness and leans more towards polemic. That doesn't necessarily tarnish its novelty or purity of form but it does illustrate a different impetus for its creation.

Let's take a literary example. Our dear friend Jen can write. Lordy she can write. The evidence of her talent is there in every blog post. She chooses to give her blog a social lens. Does that become old? Hackneyed? I say no. I also say that to dally with such concepts in the face of more and more people living and dying on the streets smacks of pretension.

Mad said...

Duh. I am clearly question mark challenged when I type fast.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh Mad, I love you! I thought it smacked pretty badly of pretension too, but was afraid to say it.

Mad said...

I love you back.

Julie Pippert said...

Did you say train wreck? I am so there.

All jokes're an artist too and all the knowledge in the world doesn't make one opinion weigh more than another.

neither does all the meaningless fancy-pants vocabulary.

I'm reminded of Mila Jovovich in her commercial saying her clothes are "ironic."


Who wants to wear ironic clothes and what are they anyway?

"I'm wearing this, but don't really mean to be?"


Julie Pippert said...

Wow, just read Mad's comment.

Ummmm...I like string.

(Who can top that comment, I mean, wowsa!)

Kyla said...

How did I not know YOU had a photo blog? I've been missing out.

mamatulip said...

I like the fact that you've got people talking about this. I think it's an important subject to be talking about.

And I have to echo what Karen said - you sound just what she said.