Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday was Swee’pea’s first day at the new daycare. When he woke up, he looked out the window and announced, “The sun’s up! I’m going to my NEW school!” And that’s pretty much how the day continued. No tears when we said goodbye, no breakdown when I picked him up – in fact, he didn’t want to leave. He was most pleased to get to wear his new indoor shoes with yellow dump trucks (NOT big tractors – our friend already made that mistake and was promptly corrected). This morning, our separation was once again a non-event.

Everything about the new daycare is better than the old one, not just its location. The teachers just seem so much more enthusiastic and focused. As soon as we walked in, his teacher asked for a hug immediately, and Swee’pea obliged, which is highly unusual. But it occurred to me afterward, that it was a great thing for his teacher to do. It sends a clear message to Swee’pea, that she is someone he can attach to, and doing it while Sugar D and I were still there, also tells him that it’s not a competitive attachment (please forgive the psychobabble: I’ve been reading Hold Onto Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté).

When I went to pick him up yesterday, his other teacher immediately started raving about what a great day he had, how cute he is, how laid-back he is, how chatty he is, how he even participated in circle time and started to show some interest in the other kids. The teachers just seem more satisfied and engaged. Another bonus is that some of the teachers do private babysitting at people’s homes – date night here I come!

I also like that they mandate parental involvement so you can build some community. I’ve already recognized several of the kids in his class as belonging to people I already know and often work with directly, and it’s allowed me to reconnect with two friends I’ve lost touch a bit with. And I haven’t even mentioned the morning walk across campus, by the grazing horses and cow barns… I hate to jinx us, but so far so good with the transition. What a relief.

On the Buffy front, I’m in trouble. I just discovered I’m running a marathon, not a sprint as I’d previously thought. My video store only has three seasons, so I assumed that’s all the seasons there were. I did think it was a bit strange that it developed SUCH a following in only three seasons, but I figured it was just one of those things, like the Caramilk secret. I figured I could finish the series in another couple of weeks, and then my obsession would relax and I could get back to normal life. But this morning I was told there are, in fact, SEVEN seasons. Now I have months ahead of me, and Amazing Race, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, House AND SYTYCD Canada (has anyone else been watching? The calibre of dancers makes me proud to be a canuck – but that’s for another post). There’s no way I can juggle Buffy with all those shows, not to mention two upcoming photography workshops, and that miniscule task called motherhood (and partnership for that matter but that always seems to be an afterthought these days).

On top of that, my latest disc started skipping and finally crapped right out last night. My video store is the only store in town that carries Buffy and they don’t have a buffer to try to fix the disc. A coworker of mine has a friend who owns the whole collection on dvd, and she’s going to bring me the disc in question tomorrow – but what about tonight??? I must watch Buffy every night! I’m getting twitchy just typing this… Fingers crossed I can get my hands on some more Buffy before I get into the really serious withdrawal symptoms.


Bea said...

The bad news is that Angel is, in some ways, even better than Buffy, so that's another five seasons to get through before you're done.

Denguy said...

I never watched Buffy, but I've seen every episode of Angel.

Mad said...

Blasphemy! Angel is NOT better than Buffy, although it does have its splendid bits. Firefly is good too but, once again, it ain't no Buffy.

Am very pleased to hear that day care is going well.

Mad said...

OH, I did watch SYTYCD Canada but with Miss M in the room and so most of it was lost in the pre-school verbiage. It did seem impressive, though. Now would be a good time to sign up for Twitter so we can Tweet on show night.

Gack, I sound like I'm in grade 8.

jen said...

you make me laugh with this. is buffy about vampires? what's the other one about? i need to get out more. or dig in more. whichever.

niobe said...

I wish *I* had indoor shoes with yellow dump trucks (or even big tractors).

Aliki2006 said...

I haven't seen either one, and I'm not sure I want to go down that road because I'm certain I'd be addicted!

Mommy C said...

Ever watch "Deadwood"? Oh yeah, I can relate. I used to postpone my sons night time to watch. I'm not sure if they ever went past season two, but if they didn't I'm going to shoot a proucer. I need more. I mean, you killed off the main character by like episode III so why stop now? Same with "Rome". Anybody out there got HBO? Oh, and "Dexter" while I'm at it.

Anyway,I am glad the daycare front is going well. Ukluk just started preschool. Her's the same. Barely has time to kiss me, he's in such a hurry to go. He apologized to his friends, today, for having to go, when I picked him up. He was still sleeping with us last month.It sure goes quickly. Though, I am glad he is adjusting to social activity- it's important.

Anyway, we've set a wedding date. If you send me your adress, I can send you a "save the date" (when did it all get so complicated?). The whole thing is going to have a "Deadwood" theme. I wasn't kidding when I said I was obsessed. Though, I am proud to be marrying one of only three Eskimo cowboys (probably in the whole world), and not, Timothy Olephant (Elephant in Afrikaans FYI), though I may have fantasies about him from time to time.

Beck said...

Hee hee hee. You addict, you.
A friend has the complete set of Buffy - I may have to borrow a dvd one of these days and catch up.
I'm so glad that Swee'pea is loving his new daycare! HOORAY!