Sunday, September 14, 2008

step AWAY from the Buffy

I'm devastated. (I'm assuming I'm the last person on earth to watch Buffy but if you haven't seen it AND you're thinking about maybe watching it one day - SPOILER ALERT.)

I've been watching Buffy pretty obsessively, two, sometimes three episodes every night. The thing that keeps me starting a new episode, even when I'm so tired my eyes are watering, is - I'm ashamed to admit - primarily Angel. He had me at hello. Those deep longing gazes from delicious brown eyes, the tortured soul (Oh, I am SUCH a sucker for a tortured soul)... I think I fell for him as badly as Buffy did.

When he was about to go away to take the Judge's arm off to the ends of the earth, I was all, quick, have sex! You don't know when you might have the chance again! And then he gave her the cladagh ring (after I went to Scotland that became my number one teenage fantasy, a boy giving me a cladagh ring to match the one he was already wearing, heart pointed inward), and then he jumped in the water after her... I cried for a good chunk of that episode, I'm not sure why exactly. I'm thinking it had something to do with the unrelenting rain and spiders seeking shelter and just generally feeling trapped (and yes I feel stupid for whining about a little rain when Hurricane Ike just flooded Texas and Louisiana).

And then Angel lost his soul and I really lost it. Not so much that he turned bad, I kind of thought that might happen, but that it was because he experienced true happiness? With Buffy? The irony gets me even now.

It's ridiculous. It's like all I can think about, wondering if it's at all possible that Angel might have his soul restored. Knowing that he got his own spin-off series, and that Morrigan thought it was funny, I'm trying to figure out which would be more entertaining: totally evil heartless vampire or vampire with a conscious? At this point, I'm just holding onto the hope that since his soul was retrievable once for the gypsy, it's still out there somewhere, whole. Right?

In the meantime, there is Oz. And really, he's got a lot more personality than Angel.

I've been playing my wallow music on repeat for days now (so I know it's not just Angel): Great Lake Swimmers are my new favourites ("Moving Shaking" is SO haunting) but since I only have a few songs by them I've been forced to branch out. Now it's Cold Play. What's your favourite wallow music?


Karen said...

I often wallow in ColdPlay. It works. I do like Buffy, but liked Firefly (Whedon's other TV effort) even more & was totally wrecked several times during the story line.
He has, of course, Dr. Horrible on itunes (hysterical!!) and a new show this winter, I think called Dollhouse. I hope I love it like I loved Firefly. It has been a while since I had a show to obsess over.

Bea said...

So hard to comment. We did the Buffy box-set bonanza when Bub was a baby, but before that I had seen some late-season episodes, so ALL the spoilers were ruined for me. Love Oz, though, too. That's all I'm gonna say.

cinnamon gurl said...

Hee hee... that should be vampire with a conscience... they all seem pretty conscious to me. ;)

Janet said...

I never got into Buffy. My younger sister was a fanatic, though.

Anything Sarah McLachlan is pretty decent for wallowing, IMHO.

Mad said...

It's at the end of season two that all good Buffy fans lose their souls as well. Welcome.

Oh Sin, the series just keeps givin' and givin' and givin'...

Wallow music: Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville and the soundtrack to Once from the Heart--Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle.

nomotherearth said...

The first few episodes of the Angel series are kind of lame, and they it starts to get REALLY good. And you know who the hottie is? Wesley. Have you met him yet in Buffy?? And this is coming from a girl who salivated over Angel in the beginning of Buffy.

I do have a sweet spot for Oz, though, I must admit.

Beck said...

We watched it all while it was on, and then we were done but OH MY GOD we were so into it then.
Wallowing music, eh? Damien Rice, Iron and Wine and Radiohead seem to do it these days.

Niki said...

Oh, hon, you have no idea...the Angel story line will wrap up eventually (leaving him with his own show), but Buffy'll take you on quite a ride getting there.

I loved that show to pieces. It's fun to watch people discover it, years later. I get to relive my own discovery and excitement over each episode.

Enjoy! (And thanks for mentioning that there is a SYTYCD Canada. Yay!)