Wednesday, June 04, 2008

0 for 2

I was all set not to blog about the house offer we made, having seen some bloggers not only make an offer without blogging about it, but have the offer accepted, sell their other house, and MOVE, before blogging about it. I do not believe I'm capable of that kind of withholding. Even though I know it's boring (except to the few people I'm keeping up to date by email), I must blog about this.

We made an offer on another house today. And so did someone else. So once again, we're in a multiple offer situation. Only this time, we're more experienced. After the intense relief of not getting the last place with an unconditional offer, we have learned that we are not comfortable with removing conditions, especially not sale of property conditions. So we didn't.

We still haven't heard officially, but it's not looking good. I believe the sellers are negotiating with the other buyer. If that falls through, we still have a chance, but it's really not looking good.

And I'm feeling a lot more disappointed than I did with the last place. I'm trying to be all fatalistic, but it's not really working. This was a really nice, unique house. All on one floor, fairly open concept, enormous windows out to the most gorgeous backyard you've ever laid eyes on, enough vintagey quirks to keep us from feeling all out of place or like we're living in a model home...

I hate this shit. It feels like dating, like unrequited love all over again. You go to a house and notice all its flaws but then you notice all its special bits and you start to envision your future with all those special bits and even with the flaws and you think it looks like a pretty nice future. Until he never calls or he says it's not you it's me, and you wish you'd never imagined that future in the first place. The problem is, this time around, I'm not really in a position to comfort myself with booze, cigarettes, and bitter poetry. And instead of keeping myself from calling a guy and hanging up (or not), I have to keep myself from going on the virtual home tour - again.

Edited to add: Ugh. We didn't get it, but there are still two glimmers of hope: 1) the buyer doesn't sign the amended agreement by noon tomorrow, and 2) the conditions of the offer don't get fulfilled within a week of signing. I'm not sure which is more frustrating: that we didn't get it or that there's still a glimmer of hope. I hate uncertainty.


Bea said...

That's how job interviews felt for me - you get all seduced by this vision of yourself with a certain life, only to have your hopes dashed. I've got no advice on how to deal with it, since my method was basically to give up that career path entirely rather than go through it again.

That garden will be disappointed that the new owner isn't you.

kgirl said...

i think that with real estate, you must, must believe that everything happens for a reason. still, i'm crossing my fingers for you.