Monday, June 02, 2008

go ahead, make my day

I was in a very big grump yesterday. It's possible I was PMS-ing. But don't quote me on that.

Anyways, I was very grumpy when I was at the drop-in centre. Some of the usual volunteers weren't there. Mostly it was people who aren't actually volunteering - they're doing community service as part of a sentence. Don't get me wrong, they're perfectly nice folks... they just aren't choosing to be there. So they commented on the cute girls moving across the street and muttered that one of the regulars was fucked! in a way that suggested italics and an exclamation mark. It just didn't make me feel comfortable, and I started to feel stupid or something. Plus, I still didn't see the book guy or my first (hopefully!) subject, or some other regulars I've made friends with. I even started to consider not coming back. I was THAT grumpy.

For some reason though I started talking to this woman I'd love to photograph, and she's into art too. She seems interested in participating in some kind of photographic collaboration but wants to see some of my prints first. I spoke to her just before I left. Afterwards, as I was getting ready to leave, Sister Christine thanked me. I said, oh no problem.

And she said, "And thank you for talking to N."

"OH!" I said, surprised. "It was... my pleasure!"

And she said, "well that's really good. Thank you."

It totally made my day, that Sister Christine sort of validated me.

And then, as I was going towards the door and saying bye and have a nice week to the regulars, a woman I'd not seen before yesterday made eye contact. She looked a bit rough; between the way she looked and a half conversation I overheard, I suspected she was struggling with addiction. Anyways, she said thank you too! Just for being there, not for serving her anything in particular, but for just contributing.

And that made my day even more.

When I got home, suddenly much, much more optimistic, I worked on my photos during Swee'pea's nap. I'd been putting off working on this particular shot, because I wanted to process it well, and I thought it had potential to be pretty exciting. It's my favourite I think. What do you think?


And it's available at Imagekind (you can click through directly from the image), which just happens to have free ground shipping in the US until June 16. Just make sure to enter the promo code, DAD2008, when you check out.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful photograph.

Onomama said...

It's stunning! The colours, the compostiion, it's just perfect.

And I'm glad that two people took the time to ease you out of your grump. Funny how the little things make all the difference; In what you are doing at the drop in and what they gave you in return...

Cloud said...

I love that photo.

A little appreciation goes a long way, doesn't it? I'm exactly the same way, but about work, not volunteering. You'd think that the paycheck would be enough appreciation, but it still makes my day when someone takes the time to say thank you.

zoom said...

Sin, I just wanted you to be the first to know I'm following your lead. I contacted the Shepherds of Good Hope here in Ottawa and I go to my volunteer orientation session in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the inspiration!

NotSoSage said...

It really, really is a perfect photo, Sin. In so many ways.

I can't quite get over it, actually.

Janet said...

It's amazing how a few kind words can completely change your day, isn't it?

The photo is spectacular. Truly.

Beck said...

I love that picture, the little girl about to step off.

nomotherearth said...

I think that's an awesome shot. You look like you photograph for National Geographic, or some other professional magazine. Just awesome.