Saturday, February 02, 2008

shameless self-promotion or public service announcement? You decide...

I know Mad said not to post on weekends so I won't post the answers to your questions (it helps that I haven't written them yet) but I'm here and wanted to mention that for anyone in the US who's thinking about buying my prints, Imagekind has a promotion until Feb. 7, 2008 for free ground shipping in the US. I feel a bit awkward about such a shameless plug, but shipping is expensive. I just paid $13 US in shipping on a single print, so it also feels a bit like a public service announcement.

Now I'm no expert, but their custom framing seems very reasonably priced.* The prices they're asking for both the print AND mattes and framing is not much more than I paid just for custom frames for some photos a couple of years ago. So I'm working my way through all my images at there choosing frames and mattes (mats?) and papers that I will think will best suit each image. I've already chosen my recommendations for this one:

Or maybe you want the naked back that I've grunged up a bit since the last time you saw him? (Be forewarned that you can see the the texture of shirt imprinted across his shoulders on larger views, including a print.)

The images are links to the page where you can buy them, or you can have a look through my gallery via the widget in my sidebar that Sugar D made for me (I love having my own personal web designer!).

And it's still for a good cause. I'm donating at least 50 percent of the proceeds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The other portion of any profits will go towards a new lens for me. Yay!

*In the interest of full disclosure, I get a 5 percent commission on frames and mattes if you buy one of my prints and use Imagekind for framing. Over at Imagekind, there's a button to purchase as the artist intended, which includes the paper, mat(te?)(s) and frame that I chose.


Aliki2006 said...

You are SO entitled to self-promotion--I want some of your photos so badly, and am saving $$ and telling my friends and family about you!

Beck said...

I think they're lovely and I would love to buy one if I wasn't so freaking poor. One day!

Bon said...

self promotion is nothing to be ashamed are offering something beautiful and fine.

and i have finally decided which one i'm getting. :)

Bon said...

don't suppose you know if they're going to do free ground shipping in Canada anytime, huh?

cinnamon gurl said...

Sorry Bon I don't find out about promotions until they're on. I was mighty bitter that I'd just bought a print that morning and that evening they say free shipping, then I discovered it didn't apply to Canada so I didn't feel so bad. I doubt they'll ever have a special on international shipping though. :(

And that's awesome that you want one. Which one do you want??

Lisa b said...

I agree with everyone else - don't apologize promoting your work. I really like the idea of having the artist choose the matte and frame too.
Those both look great.

Why is there such an issue with shipping to Canada? I get that on ebay all the time. Like it is so much harder to go to the post office and give my address than someone in kentucky?

cinnamon gurl said...

Lisa, it's not that it's a problem to ship to Canada, it's just not included in their latest promotion.