Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I did a bad thing

Now with karmic update!

I didn't shovel my sidewalk or driveway before leaving this morning. By the time I finished scraping off the car, my hand was cramped up and I decided to try to just ram through the snow in the driveway. It worked. But I feel guilty.

Sugar D is supposed to coming home today. So far his flight isn't delayed, but they're calling for more weather misery later, so I'm still cautiously pessimistic. I don't want to be hugely disappointed if he doesn't make it home today.

The final results of the Best Photo/Art Blog category of the Canadian Blog Awards are supposed to be posted tonight at 9. They've staggered the results, which I suppose is nice because it draws on the fun and suspense, but the suspense is seriously killing me. I'm just glad they posted a schedule a couple of days ago.

I changed my feed to full feed because it really is a lot more convenient to just read posts in the feed reader and click over if I want to comment. I just hope nobody steals it like last time.

I am a bad mother. My son is turning two tomorrow and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare. I'd been planning to have some folks over on the weekend but I couldn't really decide who so it's only my parents coming on Sunday. I guess I should get some gifts and ingredients for cake?

Edited to add: My car is stuck halfway into my driveway. How's that for karmic justice?


Beck said...

Two year olds don't like big parties anyhow, so this will probably be more to his liking. Are you going to send cupcakes into daycare with him?
I WAS publishing a full feed for a little while and then it DID get stolen! So it's back to partial...

kgirl said...

nice thing about two year olds - they have no idea what a birthay party should be like, so you can't go wrong! (and holy, two already? lt the fun begin.)

Kyla said...

How do you change what you are publishing in feed? I have no idea what mine is publishing at.

I think that balloons and a cupcake or two will be just enough for your little guy. No worries.

cinnamon gurl said...

Kyla, you publish a full feed. In blogger, it's under the settings tab, under publishing I think.

Bon said...

my theory on our upcoming 2 is that a little family party will still be cool. or so i hope, since i dread the onset of big wild whole-class parties and stuff.

you must be DYING for tonight. i think you deserve the honours, friend. :)

Julie Pippert said...

You know... take it easy on birthdays (and yourself) for now. Little kids don't care and I've met the rare few who like big, schmaltzy parties that Vanity Fair would cover.

Best three year old birthday so far? Meeting my good friend and her son, who is my 3 year old's best buddy, for a playdate at Mickey Ds.

By 5 you will be planning out birthdays like they are a celebutard wedding.

My 6 year old has a NOTEBOOK of IDEAS for her 7th.

So enjoy lull time.

Fer real.

AND GOOD LUCK on the awards and may time PASS QUICKLY to the announcement!

NotSoSage said...

Small is totally beautiful for a 2 year-old party. Don't worry about gifts or ingredients 'til the weekend. ;)

Janet said...

We're having a big party on the weekend, but mostly because we have a big extended family. Tonight it's just spaghetti and cake because that's what the little girl likes best.

PS I have no idea what publish a feed means. Or how one would steal it. I am blogging inept.

Saskboy said...

Results tonight may show up about a half hour past the posted time of 9:00 CT.

Jennifer said...

Sin, I don't know if this has anything to do with full feed publishing or not, but I've had a lot of trouble getting to your blog in IE lately. It tells me it cannot continue loading the site. After several tries (I don't want to miss anything!) it finally opens, but...?

Two years old! Happy Birthday Swee'pea!

ewe are here said...

I suspect your two year old won't be that concerned about the lack of fanfare. I hear that comes when they turn three ... I'll let you know. ;-)

Good luck with the award announcement!

Cloud said...

I'm having the same problem Jennifer has when I try to check your blog in IE on a PC. I'm sure its some blogger screw up.

But that's why I haven't come 'round lately. I went and caught up. Thanks for answering the questions! Happy Birthday, Swee'pea! Good luck on the awards! There, now I'm all caught up.

Seriously, the question answers were interesting. I agree with everyone else that Swee'pea will love a small party. And I really do want you to win that award!

nomotherearth said...

If it makes you feel any better, I did next to nothing for my 3 year olds birthday. Too tired. Will make up for it next year.