Tuesday, July 17, 2007



It feels like so much has changed since I last posted that I don't know where to start. Except that nothing's really happened. Our vacation was great, except for a whole lotta cold, rainy weather and not a lotta swimming. We drove a lot, to Ottawa, Kingston and Peterborough, which was better than I expected with Swee'pea mostly sleeping and Sugar D and I getting lots of time to talk and think. I think it was a great time to get away from home, to get some much needed perspective and distance.


The result? I think we may move, maybe to Toronto, maybe to Ottawa. Not right away -- for one thing, we need to do quite a bit of work on the house before we put it on the market, and for another we need jobs in the new location -- but as something to work towards. And it means I can pore over the mls to my heart's content. This time last year, I'd gotten it into my head that I wanted to buy a place in Cape Town. I still haven't figured out exactly how we'd finance it, but the hours I spent checking out houses and apartments on the internet provided great escapism.


So for those of you who live in Toronto or Ottawa (is there anyone who reads me in Ottawa? I don't think so)... provide some direction to my mls daydreams. What neighbourhood do you live in? Is there anywhere affordable to live? Someplace near parks and shopping and easy to reach downtown?


And in the meantime, I'm dusting off my resume and applying for jobs myself. It feels like an exciting time... I'd be happy to stay here if Sugar D found satisfying work here (although, that said, G-town suddenly looked awfully small when we got back), and it would be exciting to move to a new city with more job opportunities.


And, in more scary news, a girl I babysat when she was eight months old just added me as a friend on facebook. I don't think I've seen her since she was 3. You know you're old when...

reflection of the neighbour's dock


slouching mom said...

You are incredibly, incredibly talented. Those photographs -- I think they're some of the finest I've seen in a long time.


And as for Toronto/Ottawa, it's nice to have a plan, isn't it?

kgirl said...

gorgeous photos! i know that all the t.o. gals will be cramming your inbox with cries of,'live near me!' so i have to go beat them to it.

jen said...

god, those pics. wow.

and a move! a move! i can think of a gazillion Toronto-ians who would be so thrilled.

DaniGirl said...

Ooooo, gorgeous photos. Absolutely lovely.

And now excuse me while I jump up and down and say "I know from Ottawa! Pick me, pick me!"

I love it here. LOVE it. I've only ever lived here and in London, ON, and I'd never live anywhere else. I'd be happy to be your ambassador to Ottawa and answer any questions you might have, and I make a damn fine tour guide, should you ever need one.

I love Ottawa because while there is always something to do (see our recently ended kick-ass Blues Fest and world-class museums and World Heritage site Rideau Canal) but it still has a small-town feel. Super clean, really safe, miles and miles of bike and hiking paths, a few great restaurants and not-bad shopping. VERY family friendly.

If you're curious about housing prices, check out this "for sale by owner" network: http://www.grapevine.on.ca/cgi-bin/forsalefeature.cgi Hard to guess when you don't know the neighbourhoods, but I'd be happy to tutor you to the best and worst of Ottawa and environs.

metro mama said...

As you know, I love my 'hood (Leslieville). Take a look at it!

nomotherearth said...

I'm an MLS junkie. I'm also a big fan of my part of TO - Bloor West Village. It gives you a feeling of being in a small town, but you are still on the subway line to get downtown. It's huge for young families too. If you let me know what you're looking for, I'll keep an eye out.

Christine said...

once again you floor me with the beauty you capture on film.

lots to think about with the move, but sounds like plans are forming and there is some excitement. Never been to Ottawa or Toronto, but hear that both are wonderful.

Em said...

I love your photography .. and your plans... good luck.

Bon said...

i love love love the shapes and reflections in those photos, Sin.

and moving? sounds very exciting, and maybe like a change you'll all enjoy. i can see the pull to both TO and Ottawa...such different cities, but i think myself i'd probably go Ottawa in hopes of capturing some of that "the whole city is mine" feeling that's possible in a smallish place.

but y'know, jobs are good too. so really, i'd go where the jobs were. :)

best of luck!

Mad Hatter said...

ahem. Moving away from my Ontario port of call? I will not hear of it!

Smashing pix, yet again.

Beck said...

Have fun with your moving plans! And your photos are BREATHTAKING!
You think that's scary? A kid I used to babysit JUST BECAME A GRANDMOTHER. Wrap your brains around that one. Ick.

Kyla said...

The last three photos were breathtaking, I mean, I actually gasped. Beauty. Wow. You have such a talent, Sin. I'm just blown away.

Ahhh, another uber-amazing-blogger joining the Toronto ranks, eh? They sure have a dense population of them there.

mamatulip said...

Those photographs are some of the most calming and most peaceful photographs I've ever seen.

They are TREMENDOUS. They don't just convey words, they convey feelings and emotions.


Good luck with all that you have upcoming.

NotSoSage said...

As everyone else has said: beautiful shots.

Here are my thoughts:

I love Ottawa. I will never live there again, but it is a great place to live, and Danigirl is right about the "small town" feel. I don't know the places to live anymore, but I'd be going for Ottawa South (Bank Street, south of the canal) though I have no idea what the housing prices are now...I love Sandy Hill, too (nearish to UofO), but I imagine that's pricey.

As for T.O., look around the Junction (Dundas, once it's jogged north of Bloor). It's the next neighbourhood that'll go sky high, but I think the prices are still reasonable. Of course, you know I love my 'hood, but we've talked about the prices here.

I'm so excited for you, whatever comes.

Mimi said...

I feel like we should see each other a lot more often if you're going to be leaving G-town for parts farther away! Ack!

But the photos are beautiful.

And Facebook is terrifying.

Mary G said...

I lived in Ottawa for 25 years, and my daughters still live there. One in Old Ottawa South, one in Sandy Hill. Prices are high in both places, ditto the Glebe, where there are excellent schools. I can give you a rundown of highly thought of schools, if you want it. For me, that determines neighbourhood. You can also live 'in the country' and reach downtown Ottawa in half an hour. I can also put you in touch with some Ottawa bloggers. Just drop me a line.

Mary G said...

The Museum of Civilization pics are really, really good.