Wednesday, October 08, 2008

we interrupt this hissy quit

Well, I'm coming out of my hissy quit (thanks for the perfect term, Mad) just to say this:

If you are not watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada, you should be. Even if you're not Canadian (although I have no idea how you'll find it...).

Tonight was the first night I wasn't aching to watch Buffy, or scheming how to fit in a little Buffy around the commercials or skipping other tv shows altogether. I suspect I have the sudden appearance of a 14-year-old sister of Buffy's to thank for that. I mean seriously? You didn't think we'd notice that we'd never seen her in the house before??? (Don't give me any spoilers -- I've only watched the first two eps of season 5.)

But back to SYTYCD Canada. Already, I don't want anyone to get eliminated, which has never happened to me in any of the four US seasons. The Canadian version is better than the American for a few others reasons. We got to the know the top 20 in the auditions, all 20 of them. I picked out Arassay, Bre, Dario and Nico as must makes from their very first auditions, whereas in the States, you often don't even see the first auditions of the top 20. And there were barely any assholes auditioning. AND there are several 29-year-olds competing. I'm quite certain there was barely anybody in the US competitions over 25. And French Canadians -- you can't get those in the States!

I have not felt this patriotic since I was probably 10. I mean, not only are the top 20 dancers all AWESOME, but the choreographers are awesome too. The contemporary piece tonight that Lisa and Vincent danced? Could rival ANYTHING from Mia Michaels. Who knew Canada had such a raging dance industry? I read somewhere that the Toronto auditions brought our more dancers than any city in the US. When you consider the fact that the US has ten times the population we do, it's incredible to even be in the same ballpark of absolute numbers, never mind hitting bigger ones.

So, if you're not watching, why the hell not? And if you are, who are your faves? Mine are Dario, Nico, Allie and Arassay.

Doh! [slaps forehead] I just realized that I could have VOTED last night! The most important benefit of the whole Canadian thing!


Bea said...

I'd forgotten about how the whole sister-thing got (non) introduced. That was one of many things I knew ahead of time from having seen a few late episodes, and I kept waiting to find out how the sister came into things, and then when the season started and the sister was just ... there ... it FREAKED ME OUT!

Mad said...

Ya, I had thought that Buffy went off the rails when Dawn showed up but, trust me, even that gets grounded so deeply into the fabric of the series that you end up thinking "but of course!"

Now for SYTYCDC. It was amazing! I missed the first 3 dancers b/c of bedtime but I saw the rest and it blew my socks off. I had been sad in the elimination round that Emanuel Sandhu got eliminated but holy cow, now I see why. There wasn't a bad dancer or routine in the bunch.

I did have to wonder a bit at the afro #. Since when is it ok for afros to be costume without racial sparks a flying? I mean the # was fun but the whole time I was worried about the negative feedback these two talented dancers would get b/c the costume dept decided to get all whacky.

And why, my dear, weren't you on Twitter? I kept checking on the commercial breaks to see if you were watching.

cinnamon gurl said...

Mad, I was uncomfortable with the afros too. They just seemed to distract from the dancing, never mind the whole racial thing.

As for twitter, I was watching on pvr, about 45 minutes after the fact, and fast forwarded through all the commercials. And my computer is kind of far away from the tv now. And I was pretty sure Sugar D wouldn't give me his laptop just so I could tweet about what I was watching.

Now I just have to figure out how to shows off the pvr onto a format I can mail...

Mad said...

It's probably just as well. I was on the treadmill for the last half of the show and I should make is a habit of being on the treadmill for the show's entirety.

No Mother Earth said...

Everything has a reason..keep watching.