Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday 13: 13 Songs I want to hear at tomorrow's Rheostatics concert

  1. Record Body Count – My ALL TIME favourite Rheostatics song… dark lyrics of high school angst with surprisingly perky vocals
  2. Aliens - I was 15 when my brother first introduced me to the Rheostatics via their album Melville, and I was totally titillated by the line, “Let me touch your tits and keep me occupied…”
  3. Northern Wish - I LOVE how the last words in the song are the melancholy and trailing off, “This song is Overrrrrrrrrrr…”
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Horses – I’ve seen them perform this song live before, and it is TOTALLY ROCKIN’ (Except I’ve never been able to figure out the Holy Mackinaw Joe thing… anyone? Sage, is it about a famous violent strike?)
  6. Legal Age Life at Variety Store – One of the reasons I LOVED the Albion way back when was because it had the Rheostatics AND Primus on its jukebox… this was always the song I picked from Whale Music
  7. Sickening Song
  8. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds (I can’t actually remember this song specifically, but I LOVE the title… it speaks of my university years so well…)
  9. Me and Stupid – More teenage angst/stupidity
  10. Take Me in Your Hand - I felt all smart for hearing a dirty metaphor in these lyrics
  11. Jesus was Once a Teenager Too
  12. Claire - My sister-in-law's name is Claire, so this song always feels like a tribute to her
  13. Rain rain rain
And now for Two Shocking Revelations:

1) I haven’t actually followed the Rheostatics after Harmelodia… but just based on the titles, I think I want to hear these songs from their more recent albums:

These Days Are Good For the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance
Power Ballad for Ozzie Osbourne
I Dig Music

2) Somehow, I have never actually paid for any of the Rheostatics’ recordings. How bad a big fan am I? BUT through their website, I see I can buy mp3s from Maple Music, a Canadian-owned online store specializing in Canadian Music. Which I will do tonight when I’m home.

* * *

In case any of you have missed my comments elsewhere, I have been reminiscing about the time the Rheostatics played at the Trash here in G-town, and I, hammered as usual for the time, tried to come on to Tim Vesely with absolutely no success. But he was very nice.

Tomorrow night’s concert is apparently Tim’s last performance with the band. I guess I should plan to throw my bra at him, but it occurs to me that all I have are tent-like nursing bras… I suppose that might make an impression?

(I've never been to a concert with assigned seating... how does that work? Where's the mosh pit? Oh God, I'm totally dating myself, aren't I? And how long it's been since I've been to a conert... Oh well, I'm a pretty good chair dancer, if I do say so myself.)

Wish me luck that I meet expectations at my first real-life blogger meeting…


Mad said...

Ok, now I'm having a green day. Meeting Sage. Seeing the Rheo's. Listing some of their greatest songs. Talking about Rheo crushes.

Green. Envy green.

My Rheo crush is on Dave Bidini. Too bad he's happily married. Hey, wait. Too bad, I'm happily married. I loves me a big burly hockey playin' musician and writer. Swoooon.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, this is sooo going to rock. You and I are right on par with favourite songs. But...

These Days Are Good For the Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance is AS GOOD as it sounds. I'll play it for you before we go. I don't have the last album, though...shamefully.

Holy Mackinaw Joe is something that a famous hockey commentator (I'm blanking on his name) would say when someone was about to score. I asked my (GEEK! LOOK, IT'S A GEEK!) dad about the lyrics to Horses once, and he seemed to think it was talking about the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919...I seem to recall something about the lyrics that contradicted that, but I'm at work, so I don't have my geeky Rheos fan hat on.

Oh, Mad, I wish you could be there. Cin could have Tim, you could have Dave and I could have either Martin ('cause he's crazy, and that appeals to me) or Michael Philip Wojewoda (because I would change my last name if it could be Wojewoda, wouldn't you? Sorry, Joe).


NotSoSage said...

Oh, and the only expectations are for fun...and if chair dancing is in you're repertoire, that's guaranteed!

Kyla said...

Ahhhh! The jealous! There are too many cool kids in Canada. And I'm so far away!

Beck said...

Kyla, you're not the only one who is far away AND I'M IN THE SAME PROVINCE!
Have fun, you guys.

N. said...

Torque, torque, the beast needs more torque is still my favourite Rheo song.

The O.M. was getting all nostalgic about the Rheo concert and pulled out his LP of Greatest Hits - which he bought in '88 and which is now something of a collector's item. Of course since we don't have a record player any longer, all he could do was gaze lovingly at the LP's cover.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh dear, I didn't mean to make anyone jealous... but I'm pleased there are other Rheo fans out there. Mad, you got some competition for the Dave Bidini thing... really, they're all swoon worthy.

And sage, I WOULD totally change my name to Wojewoda! Thanks for your thoughts on Horses... if you discover what contradicted the the 1919 strike idea, I'd love to hear it. It makes sense to me anyways.

Alpha, OM should check out their website for places to find the older stuff. I will certainly be downloading some stuff tonight. I love that I can just get the mp3s. Oh yeah, Torque Torque... I meant to add that but forgot.

Mimi said...

I'm with Mad: I'm jealous! Have lots of fun. I will be grading things. And sighing.

11111111 said...

I've only seen the Rheos once about a hundred years ago--Ron Sexsmith opened for them. Ron came out and sat with me after his set, we stayed for a bit of the Rheos and then we left to go drink beer.

Anonymous said...

check out for the site I have up dedicated to the last show. Lots of rheos shows and videos can be found at